Spice up your life!

A long day of touring and activities may make you feel exhausted. Let us pamper you a little at our Spice Spa. We offer you our highly trained therapists, a wide range of packages combining healing and enhancing techniques with the choice of high-end products.

Listening to your body and understanding it, we use herbal pouch blend to apply on your body and soothe any muscle tension. The smell from herbal pouch also help to relax your mind. Just close your eyes, sit back and relax your body

At Spice Spa, many beauty care services are also offered, we know beauty has no boundary. Come to Spice Spa to get to know the true feeling of indulgence and shine your beauty!

  Location: 23rd Floor

  Open hour: 09:00 – 23:00 (last order 22:00)

Our Special Treats

The more the merrier: Buy 4 pay 3 for all services and treatments.

 Bringging in your buddies to our spa and only get to pay 3 for group of 4. Is this special offer fit your family size? Come and relax!

Love your body: Let your stress melt away and leave all behind. Choose our unique Spice Oils and Bundles to pamper your soul. We give you 15% discount for all body treatments.