Special Offers - Family Set Menu

Traveling is a great time to enjoy delicious food from new lands. The specialty dishes of each locality will leave many unique feelings for each visitor and the most common point is probably the novelty: strange from the unique ingredients, strange from the way of processing, and strange in the feeling. while enjoying food. However, through many trips, sometimes we long to find the familiarity of the home rice tray, the simple, simple dishes our mother cooks.


This summer, à La Carte launches 04 sets of Family menu with price from only 195,000/pax. The simple, rustic dishes like the tray of rice cooked by the mother are all included in this set menu. From braised meat, and braised fish, to vegetable and sour soups, the Family Set menu will bring you a full and varied meal.



Set menu A: VND 195,000 nett/ pax

Set menu B: VND 225,000 nett/ pax