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Join hands to repel the Covid-19 pandemic!

More than 2 months raging around the world, Covid-19 seems to have become a global alarm concern. Let's be with us to fight against the disease

1. Calm but not subjective!

The appearance of more Covid-19 patients undesirable. Right before the spreading of the disease, many actions have been taken to measures, check and prevent it, which have been maintained at the highest level by Vietnamese government. Everything is still under control. Trust in the drastic, dedicated of the National Committee for the Prevention of Epidemic Covid-19, the Ministry of Health and the entire political system.

In this situation, make a contribution by keeping calm, and educating others around you that follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

2. No hoarding, no moving out of residence

Please trust the functional agencies, professional skills of Vietnamese doctors and physicians.
Commodities will be provided to the entire population, do not hoard.

3. Be honest when filling out the Health declaration form

The entire population should make a medical declaration at:

Provide full and accurate information about itineraries and schedules abroad when entering Vietnam.
Cooperate closely with authorities in disease prevention and quarantine strictly according to regulations.
Honestly declaring information, implementing quarantine measures in accordance with regulations is a right of self and expressing responsibility to relatives, family and society.

4. Be smart to the sources of information.

Think before action, share information responsibly.
Receive information from mainstream sources
Do not spread fabricated information
Do not share unverified information.

Together with A La Carte Da Nang - we prevent the disease from spreading! 

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